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Lanyards for Staff, Volunteers & Workplaces

What lanyard do I need?

There’s a few different options when it comes to lanyards for staff and the workplace. On this page we’ve outlined these so you can make the right choice when buying lanyards.

Our criteria are :

Price : how much the lanyards cost per unit 

Print Type : do you want full colour print or are you OK with one- or two- colour print?

Durability : where are the lanyards to be used? This can dictate what the most suitable lanyard type is for you.

Most popular office lanyard

Most Popular

For office staff lanyards, we recommend a “dye-sub” full colour lanyard. These are made of similar material to the ribbons you get on a box of chocolates or a gift. The material has a satin finish and is durable and reasonably hard wearing.

Clips & Attachments as Standard

Standard Lanyard

All the lanyards we make have a safety breakway which goes at the back of the neck as standard. This can be moved around to one side of the lanyard if you want.

Lanyards have a swivel clip down the bottom as standard. This holds a card, badge or card holder, and swivels around so the lanyard doesn’t get twisted up.

Addons & Extras

Add-ons & Extras

There are hundreds of different types of clips and attachments you can get for lanyards. Popular ones are:

Reels : these allow you to extend out the card and touch it off an access control or swipe reader without bending down to reach it

Buckle : this allows you to detach the card or badge and re-attach easily

Carabiner Clip : this is an easy quick release clip to attach keys or water bottle.

Contact us for free samples of these lanyards.

Hardwearing / Heavy Duty Lanyards

Heavy Duty Lanyards

Most lanyards are made from polyester material, which after a few years of heavy use will get worn and scuffed looking. 

If you need lanyards for a heavy-duty outdoor use, we recommend woven lanyards. These are more hardwearing and can be put in the washing machine if needs be!

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Add-ons & Extras

We offer green, eco-friendly alternatives to polyester lanyards, including rPET recycled & recyclable lanyards. We can source Rayon (Bamboo fibre) printed lanyards, as well as biodegradable cotton lanyard materials.

How to Order

How to Order

Choose your Lanyard Type

For office use and quantities 30 – 500, dye-sub is economical and ideally suited.

For more durable heavy-duty applications, you can look at screenprint or woven lanyards.

Contact Us

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll give you a quote.

If you have a logo and description of what you want, send that on and we’ll make a proof for you.


There isn’t much space on a lanyard so we usually repeat logo and text across the length of the lanyard.

Some nice designs incorporate coloured stripes along the width of the lanyard. We can do this for you if you like!


We’ll send you a proof. You can accept or change this, you can edit whatever you like.

Once you’re happy, approve the proof and we’ll get printing your lanyards.


We print the lanyards lead time for 50-500 dye-sub lanyards is around 8-10 working days.

We’ll deliver the lanyards to you along with any accessories, either by UPS, TNT or AnPost.  

You’ll get a tracking code once they’re dispatched.

Example Prices

Example Prices

Here are some example prices for dye-sub printed lanyards for the office.

These are indicative prices only, for current prices please contact us. 

We also do trade printing for over 500 printers and media companies in Ireland. Get in touch for trade pricing.

Company Contact Country Group
Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders Germany Demo
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang Mexico Demo
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel Austria Demo
Island Trading Helen Bennett UK Demo
Our Customers

Our Customers

Over the past 20 years we’ve made lanyards for many Irish companies, big and small. 

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Glossary of Printing Terms


Dye Sub

The best and fastest way to print lanyards

Dye-sub is like inkjet full colour print for lanyards. It is very fast and is the most popular way of printing lanyards.

Dye-sub replicates colours quite well but cannot match an exact Pantone reference 100%.

The results from dye-sub lanyards are great for 95% of uses.

Screen Print

Durable printed lanyards in multiple colours

Screen print is where we take a base colour of lanyard fabric and apply a thick flexible ink over the top. It is suitable for when you need bold text or simple graphics applied in a hard-wearing fashion.

Because we are applying layers of ink, it’s not possible to do really detailed printing or more than four printed colours without it getting really expensive.

Woven Lanyard

Heavy duty lanyards made of woven fabric

Woven lanyards are the ultimate in hard-wearing heavy duty lanyards. We make these for security firms, engineering contractors and construction companies. 

The lanyards are comprised of about 100 threads of woven polyester. We can change the colour of any of these threads and add very simple graphics and text. It is fairly limited in the detail that can be replicated, but this is the choice if you want lanyards to last a good while in tough conditions.

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