Artwork Guide for ID Cards



Bob Ross

Bob Ross, Chief Designer & Artworker at Identity

Artwork Guide for ID cards

Download our artwork guide here. The following stuff is all contained in the artwork guide, so if you don't have a clue what to do, just email a link to this page to your designer, or send them the artwork guide in PDF.

You have three options to provide us with ID cards :

1. Download our word templates and edit to suit (max 25 cards)

2. Get photos together as digital files and data on Excel - easiest method. Instructions here.

3. Create all ID cards as PDF files ready to print.

Any questions? We're here to help, please contact us

1. Download a Microsoft Word template and edit it (less than 25 cards)

This is easy to do. Download the file, edit the template to have your logo and details on it, then make as many copies as you need..

Download Word Document ID Template Here

2. Submit Data on Excel & Photos as Files (over 25 cards)

If you've loads of cards to do, it's far easier to get everyones details on Excel, then link their record to a photo by filename. We'll provide a template ID card Download this template file and instructions

Download ID Card Excel Template & Instructions here

3. Supply ID cards in PDF files

If you are handy with graphic design tools you can create ID cards as PDF files. Simply download our artwork guide and make the cards as described.

Download Artwork Guide Here

Any questions?

Remember, if you have any questions, please get in touch, I'm here to help!

Bob Ross
Identity Artwork Department