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This is the entry-level model from the popular Zebra ZXP range. High speed, easy to use and low cost, with excellent quality printing direct to the card. It prints double-sided cards, which is unusual for bottom-of-the-range models. The True Colours ribbons – which come on simple drop-in cartridges – offers excellent quality on these Windows compatible printers. There are a lot of standard features. A 100-card feeder, 45-card output hopper, a slot for a Kensington lock, USB connectivity. Status monitoring is through a LCD display on the machine itself. The printing is through the dye sublimation process, which prints directly onto the card. You can print in batches or load cards singly. The 32 MB memory means print jobs will survive any computer crashes. The speeds are very good: 710 monochrome single-sided cards an hour, 180 colour cards, or 140 colour, double-sided cards an hour. You can upgrade to make the ZXP 3 a high security printer with contact and contactless smart card encoders and magnetic stripe encoding. You can also add data encryption over the supplied USB 2.0 cable or the optional Ethernet connection. There is a two-year warranty on the ZXP 3..



ZXP 7.



The ZXP 8 shifts up to retransfer printing, which is more secure and generally higher quality than direct-to-card. Zebra recommends it for personal IDs and access cards as well as loyalty, membership and financial cards. The ZXP 8 prints over the edge, runs on most Windows machine with USB and Ethernet connections as standard and wireless connectivity as an option. Again, it’s a single or double-sided printer, with great colours and either single or batch printing. The card feeder, which holds up to 150 cards, is integrated into the machine (a lock is an option) and there is an output hopper holding 100 cards. The memory is double that of the ZXP 3, and speeds are higher too: it can produce 190 single-sided cards an hour in three colours, 180 four colour double-sided cards. The ribbons, which load simply on cassettes, have a good output to keep costs low. Four colour ribbons produce 625 images a roll, five colour ribbons produce 500 images a roll. Print in just black and you get 2,500 images. Optional upgrades turn the ZXP 8 into a powerful security printer with magnetic stripe and smart card facilities..



The 100 range from Zebra are desktops, genuinely compact and designed for quick and easy card production rather than large runs of cards. They’re great value too. The P100i comes with easy-to-load cassette ribbons with a cleaning roller as part of the package. There’s a card holder that takes 100 cards and a monitoring LCD screen. It’s compatible with most Windows machines (2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 8, Vista, Windows 7) and produces 300dpi image quality on single-sided cards with direct dye sublimation. The memory is back down to 16 MB and while USB is standard, Ethernet is an optional extra. Print speeds are 35 seconds for a full colour card, or six sides in monochrome. Monochrome ribbons produce 1,000 images, colour 200. You can It’s a very handy machine, 20cm wide, and just over 32cms deep, weighing just 10lbs. You can add encoding machinery to produce high security cards. The P100i comes with a two-year warranty with a separate two-year printhead warranty with no usage limits..






The P110m is versatile and cost-effective, Zebra’s most affordable black and white printer, for IDs and passes. Like the rest of the P100 range, it’s durable and easy to use. The ribbons come in cartridges for easy loading and have a card cleaner attached. Monitor performance on the LCD display on the machine and run your ID system through most Windows machines (2000, XP and Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7). The printing is the usual high quality from Zebra, 300dpi, on single-sided cards, by dye sublimation. There is a 100-card input hopper and 45-capacity output stacker. A 16 MB memory keeps your print jobs going through any crashes. Cards are produced at just over seven seconds per card. Because it’s black and white only, you are guaranteed a good return on your consumables – up to 1,000 cards per role. You can add full encoding options and an Ethernet connection. USB is standard. The 110m is guaranteed for two years, with a two-year warranty on the printhead.



The P120i offers double-sided printing at an affordable price with a machine that’s ready to go in minutes. A card flipper turns the cards over so they pass through in one pass. The P120i prints in 300dpi resolution using Zebra’s True Colours iSeries ribbons, which are supplied as easy to use cartridges and come with a card-cleaning roller. The machine’s performance is monitored via an integrated LCD machine and run through Windows PCs via USB, running operating systems up to Windows 7. The machine’s on board memory keeps print jobs safe through any crashes. If you keep to monochrome printing, you can produce 1,000 cards from each ribbon. It is the same size as the rest of the range: around eight inches wide, by nearly 13 inches deep and weighing just 10lbs. Magnetic and smart card encoding can be added as options. The P120i comes with a two-year warranty and a further two-year printhead warranty with no usage limits..



The 330i series from Zebra is the company’s high-performance range, with lots of innovations to improve print quality and the user experience. The P330i is a single-sided thermal printer. Among the new features on the P330i is a new feeder design, a wider feeding system and a new printhead. Overlays can be added, including holographic coverings for extra security. Monitor your print jobs via an integrated LCD, and manage your ID card programme through a Windows machine (Vista and Windows 7, 2000, XP and Server 2003). Ethernet connection is available as an option. The onboard memory is boosted to 20 MB, and the print speed is 144 cards per hour for single-sided full colour cards, and 692 cards an hour for monochrome cards. The transparent card feeder holds 100 cards (expandable to 220 as an option); the output hopper holds 100 cards. A full range of card encoding – up to contactless smart card level – is available as options. The 300 range is larger than the 100 range, but still office-friendly at 46cm wide and 34 cm deep. The P330i is protected with a two-year warranty, with a separate two-year printhead warranty..



The P330m is designed for fast, high-volume printing of single-sided monochrome cards. It’s perfect for IDs and personalising more sophisticated cards and has the encoding options to make it a powerful security printer in its own right. It works with most Windows machines through a USB connection, operating with Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP and Server 2003 for networking. Most of the machines functions can be monitored via the on board LCD display and it has an independent 20MB memory to keep your work safe if your PC crashes. It has a new type of jam-free card feeder and prints high quality images at 300dpi directly to the card. The standard card feeder holds 100 cards, but you can add a 220-card hopper for bigger jobs. The output hopper holds 100 cards. The speed is very high, rated by Zebra at 692 cards per hour. Because it is monochrome, it’s good value too – producing between 1,000 and 1,500 cards from each printer ribbon. Overlays can be added too, either clear or high security hologram coverings. Encoding comes with easy to install optional extras. You can also add an Ethernet connection. The P330m comes with a two-year warranty on the whole machine and a separate two-year warranty on the printhead.



This 430i is nearer the top end of the Zebra range, printing and encoding double-sided cards in full colour. The onboard monitor is still there as is compatibility with most Windows operating systems (Windows 7 and Vista, 2000, XP and Server 2003). It also has the card feeder that Zebra say will reduce jams and a 20MB on-board memory to keep your print jobs safe. Connection is via USB cable or an optional Ethernet connection. Powerful encoding capabilities come as options, including a UHF Gen 2 RFID encoder. It can also be adapted to produce contact and contactless smart cards or magnetic stripe cards. The printing is direct to the card and produces high quality, 300dpi images and text from Zebra True Colours iSeries intelligent technology ribbons. They come out at 102 cards an hour for full colour, double-sided cards or 130 cards-per-hour for full colour, single-sided cards. Overlays can be added with clear coating or holographic high security consumables. It’s still a desktop machine, at 26 inches wide and nearly 10 inches deep. It weighs just 20lbs. There is a two-year warranty on the printer and also on the original printhead with no usage limits.