Smart Plastic Card Printers


Feature packed high-spec printers at budget prices from Smart

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Smart 50S

The Smart 50S comes in the same front loading and output compact package as the rest of the range and specialises in quickly producing single-sided IDs with great quality graphics. It prints in monochrome or full colour and has optional extras to become a powerful security ID printer. Smart says it can produce high volumes (there’s a 100-card input hopper), but it’s quick enough – five seconds a card for monochrome - to produce single cards while customers wait. The optional extras include magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, enough to turn the Smart 50S into a bank card producer. A card flipper turns it into a double-sided card printer and Ethernet connectivity is also available. There’s a real time LCD on the machine itself to monitor status, and you run most of its functions through your PC. It has the same easy-to-use design as the rest of the range. Plug in your USB and follow the on-screen guides. You get Smart’s own card designing software. The ribbons are in easy to replace cartridges and replacement printer heads can also just be slotted in..


Smart 50D

The Smart 50D is pretty much the double-sided version of the 50S, with a particular emphasis on producing high quality colour and graphics cards that are then personalised for the user on demand. It can handle high volumes too, and like most machines comes with a modular design for easy updating and expansion – a magnetic Stripe encoder, and encoding for contact or contactless smart cards are easily added. You can put an Ethernet connection on board too, for easier remote printing and networking. Smart recommends it for IDs, membership and loyalty cards and visitor badges as well as adding personal details to debit and credit cards. The Smart 50D prints at 120 cards an hour. Quick installation makes it easy for anyone to install. Just plug in your USB cable, follow the on-screen guide and start using the Smart Design software that comes with your machine. You also get a database system for organising your information. The cards load with a front in, front out design. Jams are easy to reach and printer heads to replace. Ribbons come in cartridges. The Smart 50D comes with a one-year warranty.


Smart 50L

The Smart 50L adds lamination – on both sides of your cards – to the specifications of the range. Laminating puts a layer of up-to-1mm thick film on top of your printing to improve card life and security, choose a holographic film or UV ribbon for even more safety. It’s great for long-lasting membership or payment cards and Smart markets it as its high security model for driver’s licenses and government IDs. The 300dpi, edge to edge printing gives you great quality images, including photos, and text. It’s dual-sided as standard, printing up to 144 cards an hour. Some laminators take a while to get going, but the Smart 50L comes with a fast heating system that produces cards instantly and with lower energy cost. Add ons include magnetic stripe encoding, contact and contactless smart card modules and an Ethernet connection for networking.


Smart 30S

The Smart 30S is an ideal low-budget printer for infrequent card printing, but can also be used as a high volume card issuing machine, with the same high quality results. Issue monochrome or full colour with ease - ribbons are compatible with the Smart 50S machines so supply is never a problem. Low ribbon notification and a powerful management suite of software allow you to get the most out of a low cost printing machine.


Smart RW

The Smart RW is a rewritable printer, updating or replacing details on the same card up to 500 times. It’s a tiny machine, much better than desktop sized, producing single-sided cards very quickly. Some types of cards – loyalty or reward cards, for example – need regular updating and the Smart RW can cope with this without the need for spending large amounts on replacing cards. Temporary passes can be handed in when visitors have left and reused many times. It doesn’t use ribbons, providing another cost saving. Although it’s at the budget end of the market, updates mean the Smart RW can become quite a powerful ID system. Magnetic stripe encoding, contactless card encoding and an IC contact encoder can all be added. It’s designed to run with the Lobby Track system to provide a complete visitor management system to control access to your premises. The Smart RW can erase and print a card in 12 seconds. It’s easy to use, just connect the USB cable and get started. You’ll be guided through the set-up process and you get Smart’s design software to start producing great looking cards straight away. The Smart RW comes with a one-year warranty..