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Magicard offer printers to suit every budget and need.

Magicard have updated their range recently, click on any tab below for information on all the printers in their range, both current and discontinued.


Rio Pro

The Rio Pro is a small business machine, designed to print singly or in batches and uses Magicard's HoloKote system, which adds a watermark to all card coatings for extra security. HoloKote can be customised to add your logo or graphics to the coating as an option. It comes in a range of models, adding extra layers of security to your ID card programme up to contact chip cards and magnetic stripe encoding. Double-sided cards can be printed with an upgrade. If speed is an issue for your card programme, then the Rio Pro comes with a high-speed mode for colour cards, producing a card in 23 seconds. Monochrome cards can be produced in six seconds. Magicard says production levels can be as high as 10,000 cards a year. Print quality is high, with edge-to-edge coverage and ICC colour profiles for good colour matching. The Rio Pro comes with a 100 card input hopper and a 70 card stacker for finished cards or you can feed single cards in. You simply connect to your Windows (7, XP and Vista) machine via USB or Ethernet (both as standard). The Rio Pro comes with a three-year warranty.



The Enduro+ is a printer for larger print batches with its 100-card hopper and 30-card stacker. It prints on Magicard’s own HoloPatch cards, which add another dimension to the HoloKote system with a gold logo that looks like a hologram but is much cheaper. It also works with rewritable cards, saving money on consumables. Encoding options come as options in the range, with magnetic stripe and smart card facilities available. Ethernet connectivity and double-sided printing are also options. The HoloKote watermarking system is a level of security unique to Magicard, you can choose from four different watermarks with the Enduro+. USB connection (compatible with USB 2.0) is to a Windows computer using Windows 7, XP or Vista. The Enduro+ can produce up to 10,000 cards a year and uses ICC colour profiles for high quality graphics printing. Double-sided cards are printed at 35 seconds each side, monochrome takes just seven seconds a side. Despite its performance, the Enduro+ only weighs about 12 lbs and can work as a desktop or counter printer.



This is the budget end of the Magicard range. You can buy a key to unlock more features and it’s still quite a bargain. It’s all single-sided but it still features the HoloKote watermarking systems. Magicard reckon the Pronto is good for about 1,000 cards a year. Encoding options are available, but they’re add-ons rather than standard features. HoloKote is a watermarking layer on your cards and by using HoloPatch cards you can add extra security with a hologram like image that looks great but isn’t expensive. The Pronto is a print and erase printer too, which is great for saving money. The Pronto uses dye-sublimation printing, heating the inks that go onto the card. It’s still easy to replace the dyes, which are supplied as films. It’s a high quality, edge-to-edge printer. A colour card can be produced in 35 seconds, a monochrome one in seven seconds. It’s small, portable even, and office ready, just plug into a machine running Windows Vista, XP or 7, load the drivers and it works just like any standard printer. You get a free version of Magicard’s ID software for badge making, which can be unlocked to work with databases and add magnetic stripe encoding. The Pronto comes with a two-year warranty..


Prima 4

The Prima 4 is aimed at the higher quality end of the market with double-sided printing using retransfer film. That means that the image is printed onto a thin film, which is then attached to the card, it’s better quality and harder to tamper with. Lamination can be added as an option for extra security and durability. Encoding is also an optional extra with bar coding and contact or contactless smart cards technology added to your machine. The print speed is around 80 cards an hour in full colour and Magicard reckon that the Prima can produce 10,000 cards a year or more. With these long runs in mind, there’s a 100 card input hopper and storage for 100 completed cards on board. Connection is via a USB port, and Ethernet comes as standard. There are two possible interfaces with one operating at much higher speeds. The Prima 4 works on most Windows machines with networking via Windows Server up to version 2008. The Prima 4 comes with a three-year warranty.


Rio Pro Xtended

The Rio Pro Xtended is all about the cards it prints on. It’s for use with extra long cards – up to 14cm – and is suggested for ticketing, labelling products and producing accreditation. It comes in versions for 50mm or 54mm width card formats. The Xtended comes with much the same feature set as the Rio Pro. Ethernet comes as standard, so you can operate it remotely. The printing quality is assured with ICC colour profiles. The HoloKote watermarking system is also installed with extra assurance available by using the HoloPatch cards Magicard makes. You can set it up with pre-printed cards, filling in personal details on a smaller section of a branded card. The adjustable feeder can handle 100 cards with output storage for 70 cards. Despite working with extra long cards, the Rio Pro Xtended is very handy, weighting less than 11lbs. In fast mode, it can produce a colour card in 23 seconds. The Rio Pro Xtended works with Windows 7, XP and Vista machines, connecting via USB or Ethernet. Networking is via Windows Server 2003 and 2008..


Rio Pro Secure

This is Rio’s high security model for producing the most highly protected cards including payment cards and keeping them and the process of printing them safe. It’s a high-speed printer capable of producing more than 10,000 cards a year. Even the card hoppers – 100-card input, 70-card output - are opaque and lockable and a Kensington lock can be added to secure the machine. The HoloKote system adds a watermarked protective layer to your cards that can be enhanced with HoloPatch cards and customisable graphics as an option. The original model prints single-sided cards, but can be upgraded for dual-sided operation easily. The Secure prints a colour card in 23 seconds in fast mode. Monochrome cards take six seconds per side. There are a number of encoding options in the Rio Pro Secure range, up to smart card encoding with EMV – the financial industry’s standard – security. It comes with built in USB and Ethernet connections for operating with Windows 7, XP and Vista PCs. Networking comes with Windows Server 2003 and 2008 compatibility. The Rio Pro Secure comes with a three-year warranty.


Tango 2e

Tango 2e.


Rio 2e

Rio 2e.