Javelin Plastic Card Printers


Low-cost innovative card printing systems from Javelin

Javelin card printers are usually re-brands of other manufacturers' models such as Zebra. Read below for more info on all Javelin models.



The neat, small J200i is an entry-level desktop printer for small businesses who want to print single cards. It can be upgraded to add extra security encoding facilities to make it a potentially powerful machine. It prints in either black and white or colour at 300dpi resolution, to print double-sided cards you need to add an optional card flipper. Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding are also options. It connects to your system through its own USB hub, which means you can also print straight from camera memory cards and memory sticks. There’s an Ethernet connection for networking. It has a plug-in-and-go ease of use, with a simple LCD screen monitoring performance and easy to replace supplies. You get the software needed to get you started designing and printing cards as part of the package. The J200i runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. This is not a printer for large runs. You feed single cards in to be printed. A monochrome card can be produced in about six seconds. A black ribbon is supplied and prints about 500 cards before replacement. Colour rolls need to be ordered and print fewer cards. There’s a two-year printer and printhead unlimited warranty. .



The main step up in the J230i is the ability to produce cards in runs. It also comes with a Kensington security lock as standard, a facility most card printers offer only as an option. It offers the same ease of use and high quality printing as the J200i, with the ability to expand into quite a powerful security card issuer with the right options. The specifications are almost exactly the same as the J200i, with a 100-card input hopper added along with an output stacker which holds 70 cards. You get a colour ribbon with your machine rather than just monochrome. There’s a two-year warranty on both the printer and printhead, with no limit on the number of cards you print.



The J230iK is Javelin’s version of their simplest printers specially designed for use in self-service kiosks. It has been designed to integrate with commonly-used kiosk software. It prints the card then offers part of it to be collected by the customer; if the card isn’t taken, it retrieves it into a secure output collection point. Misprints are also stored securely. The J230iK prints colour or monochrome cards and comes with standard magnetic stripe encoding. It can be preloaded with up to 100 blank cards; the reject hopper holds 70 cards. Like its sister models it comes with Ethernet for networking and a USB hub for handling memory sticks and camera cards. Supplies are easy to replace. It’s especially useful for producing self-service gift, loyalty, access and membership cards. A Kensington security lock comes as standard. A monochrome card can be printed in six seconds, a colour one in about 26 seconds..



The J800i is a retransfer printer, so the image is produced on a film, which is then attached to the card, producing very high quality images on highly secure, high tech cards. The print quality means photo-sharp images for your branding and graphics with up-to-the-edge or over-the-edge printing. It also means the printheads can last longer as they never come into contact with the cards. Retransfer printed cards are harder to forge or tamper with. It comes with a 100-card input hopper and a 200-card output stacker. The J800i can be easily upgraded to add extra levels of security to your card programme. In fact, with a huge range of possible encoding and laminating options, the J800i can run a very powerful and sophisticated ID card programme. It prints on a wide variety of standard card types. It’s a powerful machine, but still a desktop model and connects to your system via high speed USB or Ethernet connections. An internal print server helps keep data secure on networks. It can run on Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and 7) and Apple machines and can be supplied with Linux operation too. There is a lifetime warranty on the printhead and a two-year warranty on everything else..



The P600 series is designed to produce very secure cards in a secure environment and Javelin claims ‘best in class’ figures for cost and speed of operation. The P630i laminates on one side of the card, the P640i on both sides. There is a range of laminates available, all on easy to load cassettes, from simple protective layers to high security holographic laminates. Javelin says both its printers have the lowest cost per card for consumables, the best output speed and the best print quality. Javelin recommends the P600 series for agency licenses, high security access cards, cards for police and prison services and airports. Both machines are double-sided printers and come with an optional Ethernet connection for networking. Otherwise, connect to your system with USB connections. The 640i can print 120 double-sided cards an hour with laminate on both sides. The printer itself is fully lockable and Windows 2000 and XP users get extra levels of security. The printer and printhead are both warrantied for a year..