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Custom Printed Tyvek and Fabric Wristbands for Events & Festivals |

Printed Wristbands

Use ID wristbands for convenient and cost effective entry control and visitor management at your event. frequently used at entertainment and sporting events along with ticketing to confirm paid attendance. They are an effective way to advertise fundraising campaigns, events, services and promotions.

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How to order printed wristbands


Choose your requirements from our drop-down menus then enter the quantity.

Lead Time

Choose your desired service level: delivery in 3-5 working days, or in 12-15 working days.


Provide your contact details, payment information and shipping address. Then review the order.


Once we’ve received the order a member of our team will get in touch to confirm design requirements.


Our design team will send you a draft of the wristband artwork for review and approval.


Final step: We quality check your order then pack it up for next-day shipping.

What kind of printed wristbands do I need?

Contact us about printed wristbands

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