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Custom Printed Barcode Plastic Keytags for Gyms & Clubs |

Printed Plastic Keytags

Printed plastic key tags are a convenient alternative to wallet-sized plastic membership, ID and loyalty cards. Small and light enough attach to a keychain, they are easier to carry and provide the same security and compatibility with point-of-sale and building access systems you would get with a more traditional bar-coded or magnetic stripe card.

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Price Lists

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How to order plastic keytags


Choose your keytag requirements from our drop-down menus then enter the quantity.

Lead Time

Choose your desired service level: delivery in 3-5 working days, or in 12-15 working days.


Provide your contact details, payment information and shipping address. Then review the order.


Once we’ve received your order a member of our team will get in touch to confirm design requirements.


Our design team will send you a draft of the keytag artwork for review and approval.


Final step: We quality check your order then pack it up for next-day shipping.

What kind of plastic keytags do I need?

Options for plastic key tags


QR codes

Magnetic strips


Contact us about printed plastic keytags

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