Photo Identification Cards

Photo ID cards are full-colour printed and personalised plastic cards prominently feature an image of the cardholder, their name and title, company branding and issue dates. They are typically used for identification purposes and help companies quickly recognise employees, contractors or vendors and confirm their access privileges.

How to order custom printed photo ID cards


Collate all photos together in one folder. Please ensure they are all image files and not Word documents or PDFs.Images should be in .jpeg format at high resolution. Number photos sequentially, for example as 001, 002 …


Enter cardholder details into a spreadsheet. Make text ALL CAPS if possible.


Email the spreadsheet and photos to us as a .zip file, or share a Dropbox or OneDrive folder with us at [email protected]


Email your logo and other card details to us. Please make the logo as high resolution as possible – minimum 300 dpi. Email any standard text you want added to the front and back of the card.


Our design team will send you a draft of the gift card artwork for review and approval.


Final step: We will quality check your order, then pack it up for next-day shipping.

What kind of photo ID cards do I need?

Options for photo ID cards

Blank white cards

Coloured cards

Magnetic stripe cards

Contactless cards

Contact us about photo ID cards

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